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Erotic Rabbit Twisting Vibe, 10.5 Inch, Sexy Purple

This Erotic Rabbit vibe has an extended ribbed and twisted shaft with pleasure bumps for extra sensation. Beautifully translucent firm jelly shaft looks and feels great. Rabbit clitoral stimulator flickers and teases your clit. Multi-speed controls allow additional types of stimulating motion – twisting and rotating the shaft. Twisting intensity and level of clitoral pleasure can be controlled independently, so you can choose the right balance for these two thrills. Unique reverse feature allows you to change shaft rotation direction on the spot with a single push of a button. Simple sliding controls at the base of the vibe will make sure you can concentrate on pleasures, not on search of a button to push. Non-toxic Phthalate-free body-safe materials. Vibe stands 10.5″ tall with an insertable length of 6″ and has a joyful 4.75″ girth (1.5″ diameter). Takes 3 AA batteries (sold separately).
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Cameras: The Different Types and Their Features

Taking pictures and videos have become a favorite activity in today’s world. The need and desire to document our special moments, daily lives or even just the moments where we feel vain have become an integral part of the world’s society. Here is a simple summary of the different types of cameras available in the market.Analog camerasAnalog cameras are basically used to capture images using film. Before the age of digital cameras, these were used everywhere. Analog cameras are generally not much used now, as they produce the hassle of having to buy film and also running down to photo studios to get the film developed into photographs. However, some professional photographers still insist that analog cameras produce a much classier result, even though it takes more work. This is a subjective opinion, nevertheless.Digital CamerasDigital cameras have been ditched the old film system and instead produce images through an electronic image sensor. You get images in the form of data in a memory card. The advantage of digital cameras are that they are lightweight, allow you to take hundreds or thousands of photos at a go depending on your memory capacity, and lets you view a captured image immediately after taking it, allowing you to retake the photo if you did not get it just right. Most modern digital cameras are also able to take videos. They are divided into two general categories: point and shoot types and DSLR types. Point and shoot cameras are simpler device designed for casual shots, whereas DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras are higher end device suited more for serious photography.

CamcordersCamcorders generally work in the same way as digital cameras, but their primary function is shooting videos. Previously, most camcorders required the use of videotapes, but nowadays digital camcorders are the trend. Digital camcorders are, like digital cameras, lightweight and allow you to move videos in data form to computers, making convenient editing possible. Digital camcorders usually come in two categories as well: standard resolution and HD resolution. The difference is HD camcorders are the higher end ones, with higher image resolution and better recording technology. Digital camcorders generally use onboard/external flash memory or internal hard disks to store data. Audio is captured together with the video by camcorders.Instant cameras/PolaroidThese cameras are not that popular anymore after the emergence of digital cameras. They (mostly known as Polaroid cameras) are cameras that are somewhat the halfway line between an analog camera and digital camera. You take a picture and the camera produces an instant hard copy print of the photograph, which you can view after a few seconds. These devices use a special type of film to produce the prints.

WebcamsAfter instant messaging/VOIP became popular, webcams made their appearance. Webcams are cameras that send images in realtime to a computer. They are often used in video communication online, allowing someone far away to see you through their computer. Webcams can also be used to take photographs and videos. Most notebook computers have built-in webcams these days.Besides the above, you can usually find cameras integrated into devices like laptops, mobile phones etc. You can sometimes even find low resolution cameras inbuilt into watches and pens! With technology advancing at such a fast rate, camera features and designs are also ever developing. 3D cameras are already in the making. Who knows what other options we’ll have in the future!

Xylitol Health Garden Kosher Birch 1 lbs. Product Of USA (Not From Corn)

Health garden natural USA birch Xylitol is an all-natural sugar free sweetener that looks and tastes like sugar, and replaces sugar in equal measurements. Unlike other sugar substitutes, health garden Xylitol has absolutely no aftertaste. Our real birch Xylitol has 40% fewer calories than table sugar and encouraged by nutritionists worldwide Xylitol makes a great alternative for diabetics and weight-conscious individuals, because of its low glycemic index.
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SipSticks Paper Drinking Straws Biodegradable 50 Pack- Light Blue Stripe

SipSticks paper drinking straws last for hours. These are not like the straws your parents used in the 50’s. Over the years we’ve figured out natural methods to make the straw last for hours and hours without breaking apart and getting mushy. These straws are FDA approved and the coloring is produced from food grade ink. On top of that, the straws are also biodegradable and will decompose quickly. They are great for any gathering. Add some flare to your next house party, wedding, grill out, picnic, baby shower, ETC… Bottom line is, use them when ever you can. People will comment on them and love the old school style brought back to life.
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Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body Cleanse Kit with Probiotics, Lemon flavored

Whole Body CleanseTM (with drinkable fiber internal cleansing system) 10 days to a lighter, cleaner, revitalized you! Drinkable Lemon Flavored Cleansing Fiber Mix Why cleanse? Toxins are everywhere: They’re in our air, food and water – you can’t escape them. Your digestive and overall health can be vulnerable to exposure to these environmental toxins. It’s convenient and easy: Whole Body CleanseTM is a complete 3-product kit – everything you need for a safe, gentle cleanse. Whole Body CleanseTM eliminates toxins with fiber: Other products don’t include fiber – but without it, toxins get reabsorbed in your system. Each supplement in the Cleanse has a purpose: • To Cleanse: Super Milk Thistle® supplement stimulates toxin-clearing bile flow. • To Detoxify: Fiber FusionTM daily cleansing fiber binds to toxins so they don’t get reabsorbed into your bloodstream. • To Rejuvenate: The Laxative Formula gently purges the intestines of built up toxins, makes sure the toxins are carried out of your body for thorough detoxification.
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