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Hunters Specialties Field Rag Canada Goose Decoy Flags

50-Pk. Hunter’s Specialties Canada Goose Field Rag Decoys. These lightweight Field Rag Decoys look like geese feeding. They’re made of waterproof fabric with wing detailing and feature lifelike movement. Plus Field Rag Decoys are less costly than hard-shell decoys… so they’re a great value! Decoy stakes are not included. Order Today! 50-Pk. Hunter’s Specialties Canada Goose Field Rag Decoys
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1″ x 1″ x 1/2″ White Side Inlet Ell, Slip x Slip x Female Thread, Allows For A 90 Degree Turn In A Run Of Pipe While Allowing For Simultaneous Branching, Used In Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems, Meets The Requirements Of ASTM D 2466.
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Bona Ultimate Hardwood Floor Care System

The bona ultimate hardwood floor care system provides everything you need to dust, clean and shine hardwood floors.
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2001 Honda VT 1100 C3 Shadow Aero Front Axle W/ Nut And Spacers

2001 Honda VT 1100 C3 Shadow Aero Front Axle W/ Nut And Spacers

The Front Axle holds the Front Wheel to the motorcycle. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Front Axle will be straight and in good condition. Threads will be clean and undamaged. Spacers and Axle Nut will be included as applicable for your motorcycle.

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Sterling 129-1053 Metal Owl Bookend, 6-Inch, Grappa Gray

This metal owl book end will keep books standing upright and stacked neatly in place. Its clean and simple design will add a modern touch to any room. Provide an economical way to keep reading materials organized and accessible. This bookend is used to add a bit of organization to shelves or desk. Available in grappa gray finish. Measures 6-inch length by 10-inch width by 4-inch height.
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No Such Thing As an HDTV Antenna!

Over-the-air (OTA) HDTV becomes more and more popular. For someone who is used to noisy analog TV pictures, it is hard to believe how amazing a quality of HDTV broadcasts can be. In fact, HDTV channels received over the air free of charge often have better quality than the same channels received through a paid satellite HDTV subscription. All you need to enjoy OTA HDTV is a HD television with a built-in HDTV tuner and an HDTV antenna.Huh? Which kind of antenna?! If you have Ph.D in Electrical Engineering and have never heard about the antenna type called “HDTV antenna”, it’s not because you were a bad student. HDTV antenna has nothing to do with physics and engineering. It was invented in marketing departments. Marketing found an effective trick to boost TV antenna sales. HDTV is a hot thing these days. Call essentially the same device HDTV antenna, and it sells better. It makes people to believe they must buy an HDTV model or HDTV optimized antenna to watch HDTV broadcasts. This is very far from truth.HDTV antenna hype created a huge misconception with regard to TV antennas used for HDTV reception. This article is an attempt to clarify this issue.Do you know what a regular antenna is? Antenna is a piece of metal designed to resonate at a specific frequency and to be responsive over a certain range of frequencies. TV antennas are designed to work either in the range of Ultra High Frequencies (UHF), Very High Frequencies (VHF) or both. Any station transmitting in the VHF/UHF frequency bands, can be picked up by a VHF/UHF antenna and transferred to the TV set.All television broadcasts, digital and analog, are in the VHF and UHF bands. Over 90% of the HDTV broadcasts are in the UHF, and less than 10% in the VHF band. What is important from the antenna perspective is that HDTV falls in the bandwidth of a regular VHF/UHF antenna. Not HDTV antenna, not HDTV optimized antenna, just a normal regular TV antenna. What makes a signal to be HD is its content, the way a signal is modulated, and not the carrier frequency it is transmitted on. On the contrary, the antenna knows nothing about the signal modulation and content. Hence, you don’t need an HDTV antenna to pick up the HD signal. An antenna has absolutely no idea what the signal resolution is. It can be HDTV, SDTV, NTSC, whatever. It is the job of a HDTV tuner and HD television set to demodulate the signal and to present the actual content on the screen.Well, the antenna bandwidth and frequency response are not the only parameters that are important for clear TV reception. An antenna has other important electrical and spatial properties, such as antenna gain (directivity) and high front-to-back (F/B) ratio. One might assume that an HDTV antenna should be more powerful in terms of F/B and gain parameters. Does HDTV reception impose more stringent requirements on antenna gain and F/B ratio?There is a wrong, yet widespread belief that you need more antenna gain to receive digital television. I don’t know where the hell this belief comes from, cause the situation is exactly the opposite. HDTV has much better noise and interference immunity than the analog television and can produce high quality video at significantly lower signal-to-noise ratios.Another important specification, F/B ratio, has to do with the antenna ability to cope with a multi-path signal propagation from the towers to the receiving antenna. The higher F/B ratio is, the better is multi-path rejection (also known as ghost suppression). Without going into technical details, we must say that HDTV signal is a bit more sensitive to multi-path cause it has slightly larger bandwidth. Multi-path causes dips in the signal spectrum, whereas we want to keep the spectrum as flat as possible. When signal content is spread over a larger portion of spectrum it is more likely to be distorted by multi-path. Basically, what TV equipment manufacturers are trying to do in the so called HDTV optimization is to keep the spectrum flat in the whole frequency band. It is important for HDTV antenna to have a high F/B ratio in some areas where ghosts may be a problem. The point is, however, that most directional, old fashioned and cheap TV antennas have F/B ratio good enough to handle multi-path propagation of HDTV signal and keep spectrum distortion at minimum. If an antenna can handle an analog signal, it can handle a digital signal as well.There is nothing specific about a TV antenna that is used to receive HDTV. When choosing an HDTV antenna, check the really important parameters such as directivity, gain, F/B ratio. These specifications are important for reception of both, digital and analog broadcasts. The HDTV optimization is probably the least important factor you should take into account.

9.6V NiCd Rechargeable Battery Pack with Charger

Increase your play time! Keep the fun going with an extra 9.6V rechargeable battery and charger. You’ll never run out of play time when you keep another battery charged and ready to go.
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1982 Yamaha XJ 550 R Seca Left Rear Shock

1982 Yamaha XJ 550 R Seca Left Rear Shock

The Left Rear Shock mounts between the Frame and the Swingarm on the left side (as you are sitting on the bike). The Condition of this part is Used.

A used shock will be straight, clean, and will not leak. Mounting points will be intact and undamaged. Adjustment screws and rings will be undamaged and fully functional. Handling marks and paint imperfections are considered normal wear.

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Erotic Rabbit Twisting Vibe, 10.5 Inch, Sexy Purple

This Erotic Rabbit vibe has an extended ribbed and twisted shaft with pleasure bumps for extra sensation. Beautifully translucent firm jelly shaft looks and feels great. Rabbit clitoral stimulator flickers and teases your clit. Multi-speed controls allow additional types of stimulating motion – twisting and rotating the shaft. Twisting intensity and level of clitoral pleasure can be controlled independently, so you can choose the right balance for these two thrills. Unique reverse feature allows you to change shaft rotation direction on the spot with a single push of a button. Simple sliding controls at the base of the vibe will make sure you can concentrate on pleasures, not on search of a button to push. Non-toxic Phthalate-free body-safe materials. Vibe stands 10.5″ tall with an insertable length of 6″ and has a joyful 4.75″ girth (1.5″ diameter). Takes 3 AA batteries (sold separately).
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Cameras: The Different Types and Their Features

Taking pictures and videos have become a favorite activity in today’s world. The need and desire to document our special moments, daily lives or even just the moments where we feel vain have become an integral part of the world’s society. Here is a simple summary of the different types of cameras available in the market.Analog camerasAnalog cameras are basically used to capture images using film. Before the age of digital cameras, these were used everywhere. Analog cameras are generally not much used now, as they produce the hassle of having to buy film and also running down to photo studios to get the film developed into photographs. However, some professional photographers still insist that analog cameras produce a much classier result, even though it takes more work. This is a subjective opinion, nevertheless.Digital CamerasDigital cameras have been ditched the old film system and instead produce images through an electronic image sensor. You get images in the form of data in a memory card. The advantage of digital cameras are that they are lightweight, allow you to take hundreds or thousands of photos at a go depending on your memory capacity, and lets you view a captured image immediately after taking it, allowing you to retake the photo if you did not get it just right. Most modern digital cameras are also able to take videos. They are divided into two general categories: point and shoot types and DSLR types. Point and shoot cameras are simpler device designed for casual shots, whereas DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras are higher end device suited more for serious photography.

CamcordersCamcorders generally work in the same way as digital cameras, but their primary function is shooting videos. Previously, most camcorders required the use of videotapes, but nowadays digital camcorders are the trend. Digital camcorders are, like digital cameras, lightweight and allow you to move videos in data form to computers, making convenient editing possible. Digital camcorders usually come in two categories as well: standard resolution and HD resolution. The difference is HD camcorders are the higher end ones, with higher image resolution and better recording technology. Digital camcorders generally use onboard/external flash memory or internal hard disks to store data. Audio is captured together with the video by camcorders.Instant cameras/PolaroidThese cameras are not that popular anymore after the emergence of digital cameras. They (mostly known as Polaroid cameras) are cameras that are somewhat the halfway line between an analog camera and digital camera. You take a picture and the camera produces an instant hard copy print of the photograph, which you can view after a few seconds. These devices use a special type of film to produce the prints.

WebcamsAfter instant messaging/VOIP became popular, webcams made their appearance. Webcams are cameras that send images in realtime to a computer. They are often used in video communication online, allowing someone far away to see you through their computer. Webcams can also be used to take photographs and videos. Most notebook computers have built-in webcams these days.Besides the above, you can usually find cameras integrated into devices like laptops, mobile phones etc. You can sometimes even find low resolution cameras inbuilt into watches and pens! With technology advancing at such a fast rate, camera features and designs are also ever developing. 3D cameras are already in the making. Who knows what other options we’ll have in the future!